Saturday, May 5, 2007

Dining Room Windows And Siding - Officially Retired!

Another busy day at the Hell.... oops I mean Hall House. I set up scaffolding yesterday loaned by the best neighbors ever - thanks again Mike. This morning I finished scraping the wood work around the windows and then tore off the shingles on the dining room wall. Also removed was the soffet wood above - also in bad shape. Underneath looked pretty good, so all I'll need to do is apply new siding, flashing, soffet, etc.

Before you can construct... you must destruct!

With the destruction done, it was time to happily remove the 1970's windows - and none too soon. The left one almost fell apart taking it out. Next was adding the filler pieces up top like the parlor windows and window stop. I couldn't do the sides until the new window was in, because of the design of the sill which inside is higher than part that the window sits on.

Best thing about the old windows was their scrap value

A few hours later I had all three windows shimmed and secured. Next was a quick sanding of the woodwork and applied a hardener to some areas that had degraded and/or split open. Tomorrow the wood will get some filler and another sand, a coat of primer, and the side window stops can be installed. I need to order siding shingles - I finally decided on the HardiShingle since I was happy with their clapboards I used on the back. If I'm satisfied with the first floor installation than I will use them when I do the second/third floors. If not then it will be pre-primed white cedar, which will no doubt be more frequent maintenance than the fiberboard. I know nothing will look exactly like real cedar, but I'm hoping it's close enough. At least it's not vinyl which just isn't right for this type of house.

Nice new windows with our nice "new" antique oak dining table

I finished up setting the tops of the four columns so far installed and caulked both the tops and bottom in place. Now just waiting for the correct fifth one to arrive. Then it will be a quick sand, primer, and paint.

New columns ready for prime and paint

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