Friday, May 25, 2007

Knocking Down The "To Do" List

The past week has been spent after work wrapping up some of the misc. projects left undone. First thing was replacing the last column which finally arrived. This went just like the others and now I can sit on the porch worry free of collapsing roofs.

Next project almost done is the side parlor window. The new Pella is installed and the woodwork ready for paint. I have one Pella left to install (kitchen) plus finish restoring the butler stair window and install. I gave the "go ahead" to have the foyer windows made by the guy I bought the garage doors from. I should have them in about a month. A surprise was that his prices included glass and glazing - so they will be pretty much ready to install and he is using the older style "wavy" glass. Also they will be exact copies of the originals based on the pictures I have from the Hall family.

I started working on the garage this week too. First was jacking up the main support beams that support the ridge beam. One was split in the middle all the way through and patched with two scraps. I was able to raise this about 2 - 2 1/2 inches. The front beam was not as bad. Both are now sistered with a 2x8 on each side. Then I cleared out some misc. wood and now it's ready for joists to be added to support plywood for overhead storage. I removed all the old wood and rails from the previous garage door that has long since disappeared down to the stone and beam spanning the entrance. I staged the bottom section and I needed to build 12 inches out from each side of the stone wall to meet the door and also support the track system. I doubled up the 2x4 studs and for the base used pressure treated. That's about as far as I've got so far on the door.

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