Friday, August 10, 2007

The Porch Gets A New Skirt

A long awaited project... I finally get to make the lattice skirting for the front porch. The PO left some sheets of vinyl lattice, so all I needed was materials to build the frames. I wanted to build the framing out of cedar, but getting lengths that I needed and to have them dead straight is a rare commodity these days. So I used 1x4 finger joint pine that comes pre-primed and in 16 foot lengths. I also bought L and T brackets to support the joints of the framing. Using original pictures I also added the little corner detail to the frames which give them a little more character. Here you can make out some of the details in this early pic.

Wally Hall in front yard - about 1916

There were 5 sections in all to build. I'll show a breakdown of one of the larger front sections. First was measuring, cutting, and laying out the basic frame and support brackets. The assembly was screwed together with 3/4 zinc coated wood screws. I did a trial fit in place to make sure it would fit before I went any further. Getting good measurements to stone was a bit tough and I ended up tweaking a couple before getting a good fit.

Next the corner pieces were added and then any bare wood from cuts was spot primed. I also used painter's caulk on the seams in prep for painting.

Next both sides received two coats of paint - I'm using the darker green I used on the railings.

Finally the vinyl lattice was cut to size and it too mounted to the frame with the 3/4 zinc coated screws.

Then they were mounted in place. A few sections needed some 2x4's mounted to the rim so there was something to hang the lattice from. I also sanded down and painted the porch rim joist and added new trim also painted dark green.

The final results really make a difference with the look of the porch - and the front of the house for that matter. This was definitely one of those fun projects with high payback for your efforts!


Fargo 1928 said...

She's grounded now! Looks great & authentic. It will set off your plants nicely.

mike & rachel said...

I was surprised at how it highlights the plants more. It was definitely one of those projects that felt like I'm getting somewhere.