Monday, August 6, 2007

Front Door Gets The Trimmings

After the door was mounted and the posts secured, next project was making the trim work and mounting the side lites. The height was fine, but the width was narrower than original - so some of the gap had to be made up. First was taking 1x4 pieces and fitting them on the cement between the post and the wall. These were nailed in from the door side and toe nailed into the jamb and what bit reached the inside flooring, secured into the floor. This gave us a base to start trimming the side lites and help maintain the spacing on the bottom posts so they didn't wander over time. There wasn't a whole lot to really anchor the bottom of the posts with all the cement. Also these pieces were stepped out about 1/8 inch towards the outside to give a little step to the next 1x4 that would come next.

Next came 1x4 pieces that I routed the edge bead into for a little detail. These would box the opening of both sides, giving a little more meat for the top and bottom of the side lites to mount and closing the gap on the sides. It also made a nice effect for trimming out these panels. Finally some 1x2 colonial style trim finished the boxing detail and closed the rest of the gaps. Then it was time to strip down the outside of the side lites and mount them in permanently.

Then I caulked up all the seams and gave a good primer coat. Some final painting and what a difference. It opens up the foyer compared to the other door which had hardly any glass. Plus it just looks "right" for the house. The door will at some point get refinished. It has it's original finish that's OK and will be good enough till next year so I can get to more pressing projects. The inside side lites will have to be stripped in place and they will be stained to match the rest of the woodwork. Then the assembly will have to be trimmed out once I get that made. Also still need to make an oak piece for the threshold and some weatherstripping which will get done before winter.

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