Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Cool Day To Dig

I managed to get a cool day and off from work at the same time - so I took advantage of the opportunity and dug/poured the footers for the deck. The deck will be 20 feet x 10 feet, so I marked the footers 8 feet off the house - can't have more than 2 feet cantilever by code. I also place them in 18" from the sides. Using two stakes and a string I marked a common line and that became the center for my holes. About 36 inches later, I had 3 holes ready to pour cement. I made some 12 inch square forms which I set in place and leveled to get a good surface for the post to set and establish the top of the cement above grade. After pouring each footer, I inserted 12 inch all-thread bent into an L and lines up with my string. The foot for each post will be bolted to the footer with these.

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