Sunday, August 19, 2007

Deck The Hall House

Taking advantage of a cold snap (and bored of painting), I switched gears and started construction on the back deck. I didn't totally plan on this, I was just setting the 4x4 posts and the main support beams. But one thing led to another and a few hours later the supports were done and so was the rim joist. So I said what the hell - and kept on going. Working by myself, I used C-clamps to hold things while I squared and leveled everything and then tacked in place with drywall screws. Once all was happy I went back around with 16d nails. I used 1/2" galvanized bolts to fasten the double 2x8 main supports to the 4x4 posts. Next came adding the hangers to the ledger board, mounted on 16" centers, then drop in all the 2x8 joists. Final step to avoid any twisting was adding some cross bracing at the middle of the span.

Posts leveled, finding height to mount support header.

Closeup showing rim joists, support header, and posts completed

Joists installation complete

Bracing added - and framing stage complete

Next will be making and setting the railing posts and adding some decking.

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