Thursday, July 3, 2008

Inside - Outside

On to the next section.....

The next section of siding brings me to one of the most difficult - or at least tedious. The bedroom bump out returns to the main house leaving an outside corner and then, 18 inches later, an inside corner. I already have one outside corner under my belt, so that shouldn't be a problem, but the inside will be my first and only.

Demo work complete

Insides are done kind of the same as an outside - you want to "weave" the joints to stagger the seams. I did learn another trick while doing the demo. The old-timers flashed the first couple rows where the siding flare-out occurs. This prevents any water that may get through the siding from collecting behind the bottom crown trim. There's no real shortcut for getting a good edge fit, just trial and error. Starting with a little excess to leave you some room to shape things to size is the biggie.

Starter course installed

Flashing added to starter course

Finish course and second row added - then more flashing

Third row installed - no more flashing needed after this row

Almost done - only two rows left. Next will install starter to middle of window and that should get things sided up to the window.

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Greg said...

Been there. Done that. Those tight shingling places on the old house are a lot of work. The mini flashing is a nice touch. I did a strip of 30# felt and caulk.