Friday, July 11, 2008

Moving Towards The Front

I moved up to the front corner and stripped the old siding a little bit ahead of time so I could start flashing and get the starter course in where the porch roof meets the house. This is a tough area because of the corner and the angles of the roof along the wall. I pre-cut 6 foot sections and had them bent to 25 degrees. I learned my lesson on the back trying one long piece and trying to bend without using a brake.

I also don't have the luxury of having a bare roof this time since this roof was done recently....all though laid on top of another roof. This adds to the issues of laying the flashing on the roof. I worked the flashing into the shingles the best I could and will remove the top row and muck them down on top of the flashing. This should look OK and solve any of the leaking problems I've been having.

Next the starter course goes in along the roof line.

I need to finish wrapping, then I can finish the side shingles up to the roof, start the front and side corner a couple rows, and tie everything together when I get to the first uninterrupted row. And let's not forget - make a few more batches of shingles!

1 comment:

dynochick (Jan) said...

I just love the color you chose. I've always loved that color but never owned a house that I could use it on.

You're doing a great job. Everything is looking WONDERFUL!!!!!