Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sill Repairs

The window sills on the house all have been in excellent shape minus the two that were hacked up.... except for one. About 1/2 to 3/4 inch depth seems to be rotted or worn away on the one bedroom window where I'm siding now. My guess is that a window AC unit was in this window for a long time and dripped on the sill, slowly rotting it down. Had this been new growth wood, it probably would be gone! But this old pine is rock solid, dense wood so repairing seemed to be a better option than replacing the entire sill.

After stripping the window trim, I cleaned out any loose wood and dirt. Using Minwax wood epoxy filler I smoothed everything over with about 1/8 inch of epoxy. Then to avoid using several can of filler, I installed some filler pieces of wood. Then two more coats of epoxy to get things up to finish level and blended in to the undamaged surface. Finally some sanding with 60 grit followed by 120 grit and the sill was as good as new.

Next a prime coat and it's ready for a finish coat.

And a shot of the next section finally finished. This section went faster with out any soffit to replace other than just the crown moulding. Now I'll set up scaffold and catch the other outside and inside corners of the bump out. Should add to the learning curve!


Nate said...

It's looking so good! I can't believe how fast you're getting all of this done. You are completely revamping that house faster than I could even imagine, and without help.

Truly you are a god among mere homeowners.

mike & rachel said...

Well thanks!