Sunday, December 15, 2013

Restoration Burnout

It happened to me and it'll probably happen to you too.... restoration burnout!

I was good till year 5. Around 6 it started to get old and by 7 I found any excuse not to work on the place! I still wanted to get my hands dirty, but I wanted to play with other projects... hobbies I haven't had time for in years and just having more fun on weekends. Then work (at least I have it these days) started to take more time away after the company was sold to new owners and they quickly cut numbers and relied more heavily on the remaining workers. There was the divorce... no comment! And now the new relationship who has the house disease as bad as I do with her own project that I help out on when I can (the posts about "Case de Jessica"). I've also started a bit of a side gig buying antiques at local auctions and reselling online. That became a nice way of paying for the car restoration and other items I like to collect, but again another time consumer.

Needless to say work has come to almost a screeching halt and the blog basically abandoned. Then again how many posts can you do about drywall hanging and sanding???! Basically that's about all I have done on the main house since my last post... in the same bedroom I've been picking at for over 2 years now.

But... the garage is finished (for the moment) and it came out pretty good for what I started with. When I left off the basic roof was completed. Well all of 2012 I didn't touch it. This year however with the 55 hopefully coming soon, it was time to finish things up. Here's a quick synopsis of what I did.


I started to replace all the windows with glass block. I picked standard sizes so I had to reframe and fill the walls to fit. Well the first one was all rotted out. And worse was the mortar washed out underneath. So the stone was removed till I reached a solid base to rebuild for a solid foundation to installed my window framing.

Well here's what I ended up with! I had to take it to the ground and start over. So then the mind starts thinking.... hey, I always wanted a side door so I didn't have to always use the garage door to get in. Well I'm almost there now! So that was the direction I took it in.

Making room for the new door up top

Pouring a pad for the entrance
New frame for doorway (once this was in the rest of the top stone was removed)

New door 

 Learning to be a stone mason...
All filled in... not perfect but ok for my rookie stone job.

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