Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Garage Siding

It was a few years since I had shingled the house but I guess it's like riding a bike too. I used up the last of the leftovers to finish the front. The soffit is all a thin tongue & groove fit pvc trim. The fascia is also pvc.

Starting the shakes

Shakes, fascia and soffit done

Paint finished
For the back I have to say I cheated a bit. Well, actually I ran out of shakes and didn't feel like ordering more. Plus the back only has 3 feet of space between the garage and fence so scaffold was not an option. Working off a ladder doing all that shake work for a wall no one can see... nah, I've wisened up a bit in the past few years! So I went white vinyl... and it looks just fine from the next street over.

Here you can see the new vinyl and the finished glass block windows.

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