Monday, December 16, 2013

Garage Glass Block

After finishing the door I continued on with the other windows which fortunately were in much better shape as far as the mortar condition. For these I just removed the old wood, built a new pressure treated frame that would hold the window and fit in the stone opening, then install and mortar everything up.

Old window and framing - back wall

All cleaned out and ready for new framing
New framing, window, and trim installed

Adding chicken wire to hold mortar

Filling in with mortar

I forgot to take more pics of the finished product. Well I was dodging the neighbors dog on the left side (fence like goes to front garage corner) so I get a pass on that! I think you can see them in later photos when I do the siding. Overall they came out ok considering what I had to work with and now I have extra sunlight in the garage but added security and no more boarded up broken rotted windows.

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