Sunday, June 19, 2011

Calling Out Sick!

Lord knows what I caught, inhaled, or whatever.... but for over 2 weeks now I've been coughing so bad, it's pretty much left me out of commission. I can't imagine all that demo was the cause of anything!! So far they treated me for a respiratory infection but if anything it's getting worse... half the time I can't even talk. Good thing I don't need to talk on here or this would take awhile! So needless to say I haven't touched the house and can barely keep up with the basic chores. I did manage to get the tomato supports up before the plants got too big. This year I'm trying bamboo teepee setups. It's simple and hopefully sturdy enough. So far my new trellis systems is working great. I just took out the snap peas and started some vine string beans.

Poor Mr. Fur hasn't had much luck either. Everyone noticed he had been loosing weight over the past spring, so I took him in to the vet. Well his thyroid and liver numbers were high, so after some blood work, found out he's hyperthyroid. So not a biggie there that a pill can take care of and hopefully he can start to put weight back on. But I had to take him for an ultrasound to check what was going on with his liver. Well his liver, kidneys, and spleen were enlarged. So fingers crossed we're trying some pills to treat a hepatitis type condition and hopefully that will get things under control. He is 13 now though so the odds are against him... we'll see. I can tell you he does not like his new hair cut or the 6 pills a day I have to give him!

I think the Hall House is about to be quarantined!


G. Robison said...

Hyperthyroidism is very treatable, and even curable in some cases with I131 treatment. It is common to see liver issues with untreated hyperthyroidism, but they resolve as you get that T4 down. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

When we did the demo in our dining room Drew suddenly developed asthma again for the first time in over 15 years - so i wouldn't doubt for a second that 100+ year old dust could put your lungs through the ringer. maybe you uncovered a small pox virus or the black plague! I hope you and fur both get better soon. Let me know if you need help with anything while your out of commission. Amelia can entertain you on the piano.