Friday, December 3, 2010

Tedious Table and Other Projects

So the loose ends of the kitchen are slowly coming together. The kitchen table restoration is coming along. I finally have the table stripped and repainted and finally in use. It cleaned up great and definitely adds to the retro feel of the kitchen. It's not too big or too small, but does have a nice added feature of two leafs that can be pulled out on each end if I ever need the extra table space. This is why the set has 6 chairs, which is an unusual find for one of these sets! I'll start working on these next which will take some time to do. Oh, and I still need to finish the utensil drawer which inserts under the table... the open slot can be seen in the pic. I painted it the same color as the trim and wainscotting. The black I masked out and spray painted as it was originally

Next I finally found and installed a neat Western Electric wall phone. It's 1920s-30s era with a dialer.... and yes, it still works!

Finally the upstairs kitchen demo continues before each trash day... some more of that "lovely" panelling has been exposed.

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