Monday, December 20, 2010

Another Festivus Season at the Hall House

Progress has been slow again with some leftover problems at work keeping me busy and the holidays. I needed ornaments to do a tree, so in the true spririt of the Hall House... I went old school! That's right, what old house would be complete without Shiney Brite X-mas ornaments on the tree?! So I went on an EBAY hunt and found a few dozen from the 40s era.

I learned that during the war metals were obviously in short supply, so ornaments of those years were not silvered.... so if you find a clear one, chances are it was made during the WWII. I found a few of these as well.

Then of course there's the lights. Yep... vintage too! I actually had about 6 boxes of these given to me a few years ago and bought a few more sets to do a complete tree. These are early 40s era NOMA and Peerless sets. A wooden bead is threaded through the wires at each bulb... creating a loop for a brach to go through. Then you just slide the bead up against the light and this fastens it to the branch. Amazingly all the sets are in great condition.

Finally my grandfather's Lionel set is underneath that he received for Christmas in 1947.

....and of course the leg lamp is proudly displayed by the front window!

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Larry said...


We have a tree with some Shiney Brite ornaments as well!!

Looks great - I really love the train.