Sunday, August 1, 2010

Trim Here and a Shingle There

I started triming out the shed and experiment with how I want to shake the roof. The trim is all pvc = no rot. I really want to get a roof on asap with the weather calling for chance of rain this week, but to do so I need to install some of the trim so I know how to extend my shakes.

After getting the top trim piece installed, I ran a starter course of standard shakes left over from the house.

Then a finish row of the red cedar shakes. I picked these up over 2 years ago for a great price. These are about as rustic as they come, nothing is square, one side smooth, other side rough cut. I'm doing an 8 inch reveal which will keep all the coarses even up to the change in pitch of the roof. The hardest part with these is picking through the pile to find a match in shape and width to the previous one you just installed

Here's what I did so far...

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