Friday, August 20, 2010

Already Filling the Cupboard

Well not that I'm complaining, but the garden has really been eating up my extra time lately. This canning biz has been working out even better than I thought as you can see! I picked up a second hand pressure canner pretty cheap so I could process low acid garden goodies too. But this winter it will be great to open up a can of garden bounty... good thing I added the extra cupboard, it's filling up already!

Well the summer finally brought some rain this week, so that slowed the progress on cleaning up the front for pics. The arbors should be finished today. I have a little more cleanup and I may make a mulch run.

The shed is at a standstill for the moment but I should get back to that shortly. I'm a few rows up on the 3rd side.

The car decided to break too... add that to the list. Guess I'll never be able to claim boredom, my friends will call BS on that everytime!

And that poor kitchen, way on the back burner yet again... it'll probably be the last room to ever be finished!

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