Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Today's Shed Report

The weather was too nice, so I took full advantage... though the skeeters were attacking all freekin day?!

So with the base finished I started building the walls. Everything above the floor is 2x4 construction. I built all the 44 inch high wall sections and attached them to the floor, leaving a 4 foot wide opening for a pair of front doors... basic carpentry 101 work for this part.

Then I nailed another layer of 2x4s on top, staggered from the walls joints, to help tie everything together and have a nice base to mount the trusses.

Next step, roof trusses. This was a first for me, and a gambrel style roof adds an added dimension of fun. After a little online research, an easy 8 foot wide gambrel truss can be made with using 4 pieces cut 3 feet long with 22 1/2 degree mitre cuts. So I cut the first 4 pieces out, layed them out on the floor, tweeked them a little, then nailed scraps down to lock the pieces in place making a temporary jig. Now when I build the other trusses, they will all be exactly the same... obviously an important detail for this to all come together and make a nice structurally sound roof!

Next I had to make gussets for the joints. These add the structural strength to the truss. I ripped down the leftover floor piece into four 6 inch wide x 8 foot long strips and then cut into 12 inch sections. Taking one of these I set in place at a truss joint and marked my roof angles, cut on the table saw, and now had a template to make the other 30 I needed.

Fasten them at each joint, both sides, and walla... a completed truss! Then repeat. The end trusses only get gussets on one side, the sheathing will secure the other.

Now, to get these suckers in place... by yourself. I marked the location for each truss mounting, then nailed a pair of scraps to the top of the wall leaving a gap the width of a 2x4. Next lift and drop the truss in place. The scraps hold it in place while you make any adjustment and nail it in place. And repeat...

This is as far as I got today, tomorrow night I should finish the roof contruction and be almost ready for sheathing.

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