Friday, July 9, 2010

Finished the Step-Back

Well I finally finished that. It came out pretty nice.

In the meantime I've been debating the use of the one built in shelf I made. I tried running a toaster in the bottom shelf and there's just too much heat. I can already picture paint blistering off..... not good! So adding the outlets now seems like a waste but too late now. I've been wanting to add a wine rack but thought it was not deep enough, that was till I actually tried a bottle. It actually will work just fine! So after looking online for some ideas, the simplest thing to do is lower the shelf a few inches so I have a square opening and install an X insert. This will create 4 triangle openings to stack bottles in.

Then I have a shelf for cookbooks/garden books... this will stay the same.

Below that I wanted to add stemware holder racks for storing wine glasses. Well I found some brackets for a few dollars each, so that'll work. I might raise the next shelf down and add one more so I can have two sets. Finally the bottom shelf will probably just be a place to store the KitchenAid mixer.

Sounds like a plan...


Omar said...

Wow, that looks really awesome! Maybe someone sells a paint that is heat resistant?

LeighC said...

Tile or something not asbestos with the same properties to shield it?

Mike said...

I'll have a toaster oven set up where the dishwasher and microave are built in, so I really don't need to have the toaster out too.