Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Heat Wave!

A little tough to get much done when it's breaking 100 outside! Of course working for a power company in this weather, that's keeping me busy right now too. Speaking of work, the sale went through, the strike is over and it's looking more and more like I won't have to relocate for work. So I won't be leaving the Hall House any time soon! In the kitchen progress, the step-back cabinet is almost done and I've been sandblasting the hoosier style metal cabinet... at least any parts I can get in the blaster cabinet. Looks like another change of plans for the appliances too... the final change to the plan.

Meanwhile the yard is taking a beating, but the garden is surviving pretty well. The irigation system I built last year and only had to use twice is now getting used daily! But it makes life so much easier... turn on the hose and walk away for an hour. It uses far less water and all of it goes straight to the roots and not in the air or evaporated. Cucumbers, tomatoes, and carrots are almost ready!! Already harvested tons of lettuce, chard, radishes, and snap peas.

I also need to start cleaning out half the garage and get the shed built sooner than later, more on that later! Let's just say I have a new project for when the Hall House is finished.

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