Monday, February 22, 2010

Island Building

So despite a nasty cold, I still managed to get the island almost constructed over the past week. After fixing the butcherblock slab I got for free, I sanded it down with a belt sander to get the old finish off and remove most of the scratches, then finished sanding up to 220 grit. Then I routered a nice edge on it and finally a few coats of mineral oil/bees wax. Should work just fine... and the price was right!

Next I constructed the side panel. The ends will have beadboard inserts and the sides will have door access from both sides. One side will have a shelf and outlets will be installed on both ends.

Once the sides were built, I assembled them together... then built a base structure and added a base shelf. Beadboard was added to the ends, the second shelf installed, and finally some top support framing.

Some corner trim cleaned the corners up nice. I still need to finish the doors and some wiring, but it's pretty close and will be ready for some food preppin in no time!

1 comment:

Dave said...

Very nice! I would be proud to have that in my house! Great job.