Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Kitchen Progress

Well, I'm finally dug out... AGAIN!

Meanwhile there has been progress that I've been behind on posting. The trim work is finished and looking good. Now there is just a thousand nails to be be puttied and sanded plus caulking.

I've also installed most of the luan on the floor. Really cleans things up not having the the different subfloors exposed and should take a new floor nice now. I like to drywall screw the luan down instead of nails, and can say I've never had a spongy floor or a nail head pop through a tile yet. Especially helped because of going over the rough old hardwood floor and the various transitions to new subflooring.

Another change in plans has been made. The kitchen island will be different. The original 1930's enamel top island will be sold and instead I will build a custom island to match the sink base since that turned out so well. The top will be butcher block and I just happened to get a free piece of scrap of 2 inch thick maple block that is the perfect size. Just needs to be sanded down, oiled up, a joint repair, and will be good as new.

And yep, still avoiding drywall work! Too cold, that's my excuse and stickin too it...

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