Monday, March 1, 2010

Hardware Holdup

Well kids, the island is close to finished. The wiring is done, the doors are made (even have 2 installed), but I need to order more hardware from House of Antique Hardware to mount the other pair. The hardware I used was supposed to be for the built in cabinet, so need to order for that too.

Also holding me up is I really need to have the dishwasher to finish the open pantry that it will sit in... so looks like I'll be shopping this week for that too. That should finish up the woodwork and then I can put away all the big tools and make the final push to finish the walls and do all my filling... then it'll all come together - paint, flooring, and the furniture. After that I can FINALLY gut that *&%!hole... I mean kitchen I've been using upstairs for the past 4 years - good riddens! Anybody need some crappy 70's cabinets??! I decided on springin for the retro fridge from Elmira Stoveworks. Just haven't decided on either white or mint green.

Saturday I ended up taking up all the Pergo flooring in the bedroom I've been using so my friends can do their nursery for the soon to be new member. This should save them a few needed bucks and I hate to see good flooring thrown out, but I have nice original pine floors underneath that just need to be refinished. Since I was that far into it I ended up painting the room too since I had enough of the color. I tried a green I was thinking of for when I do the master bedroom this summer and think I like it. Also changed out the bed which is part of a nice 1940s Thomasville set I picked up for an old pineapple post bed which I bought many moons ago. It goes great with the rest of the Thomasville pieces, so the other bed will be hitting EBAY soon along with several other pieces of furniture I don't have a use for.

I visited my old man last night and his project is getting real close now... only took 15 years! 1950 Chevy convertible, slightly modified, it'll be finally cruisin this summer. Hard to believe this car sat in a field in Montana for 25 years, complete with bullet holes and all!!


Jason and Heather said...

Wow! That is one sweet Chevy!

LeighC said...

Super job on the kitchen! I hope I can get to my '66 Mustang this summer and make some repairs.