Sunday, November 23, 2008

Interior Season Begins

Finally - back to normal work schedule again and I can put the old work belt back on at home. With one minor snow fall already and the wood stove already roaring on a daily basis, my scaffolding season is over and it's time to get back to some inside projects. The plan this winter is to get the powder room and kitchen done so we can finally start living like "normal" people again - you know the one's with kitchen's on the first floor and stuff. The workout from carrying groceries up to the second floor maybe healthy, but it's getting REALLY OLD!

It's probably been a year and a half since I touched this room. Just to recap, the plumbing and wiring are done, beadboard is installed, and tin ceiling is up minus the crown pieces. Drywall is hung with two coats of mud already done. I did build a jamb earlier this year that's waiting for a door to be installed.

I managed to do some prep work during the rare free time I've had recently. The powder room, which I originally planned to do the floor in tile, will now be an oak floor. I have 500 sq. ft. of oak that I removed from the first floor, so I figured heck, that would make a nice floor in the powder the room.... and it's free. So I ran some through the planer lightly just to clean it up. I also started stripping a door for this room which takes a good bit of time.

After laying down some rosin paper, I started laying the floor from the back wall. Once past the pipes it was pretty easy work.

Once I'm done the messy work I'll give it a sanding to blend the boards a bit. Then I may go with a golden oak stain and poly.

Next is trimming out the wainscotting. I'm using a 1x6 base plus capping. The vertical pieces are 1x3 and 1x2's with an overlap - giving 2 inches reveal at the corners. Top piece is a smaller casing molding which eventually will get a cap piece which I'm still contemplating on design. Probably will be a simple piece with the bead edge that's common in the woodwork of the house.

Once this trimwork is done, I need to finish the drywall mudding. I couldn't get myself to sand just yet, so I picked something a little more fun first - even if it's a bit out of order for what I should be doing....


Omar said...

That's going to look pretty sweet when you're done. You planning to paint the wainscoting? Now I wish I had taken woodshop in junior high -- if only I had known it might come in handy later in life..

mike & rachel said...

Yep, the wainscotting will be white along with the ceiling. The walls will be a light blue - at least that's what the boss tells me! I had very little shop in school - this is all OJT here.