Sunday, November 2, 2008

Didn't Quite Make It

It's that time of year again where I put in 60+ hours a week at work and I fill the piggy bank back up for the up and coming projects.....

And outside work season is pretty much done. It's dark when I get home and getting borderline too cold too paint. Things will return to normal after Thanksgiving and it will then be back to inside work. That will be a nice change of pace since the siding project is starting to get OLD!

I managed to get shakes installed around to the first side window and the soffit installed around the corner. I still haven't installed the weather head on the service yet, but will get that done before winter. The two big front windows were also installed which came out nice and tight - so now all the front windows have been replaced. Two panes shattered while taking one window out but we won't get into that! Fortunately no cuts....

I cleaned out the powder room of fixtures and tub in prep to finish it. I only have one coat of mudding left and the should be ready to start paint and final trim. It's getting close to the point where I'll need to make some new casing to match the original in order to do powder room and kitchen. I think I'm going to set up in the kitchen where its not so cold. Plus I have the suction system now to keep dust under control. I never did this before so I figured I would practice on new pine till I get the hang of it. The I try to tackle some oak for the rest of the downstairs. These two projects should consume most of the winter till spring - then I can FINALLY finish the outside work.


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