Sunday, September 28, 2008

Finally Back

Before leaving for vacation, I was able to finish up the soffit around the corner, add the crown detail, and do final painting. It's tied things together pretty well.

Back from vacation I built scaffolding around the corner so I can make my way around the final side of the house. Once again another colony was nested in the soffit which made for a fun tear down. It's a little more tricky here with the electric service which would not mix well with aluminum siding if I nicked a wire! The old soffit and aluminum tear down is finished, so next will be getting the old shakes down and working the corner with new - if the weather cooperates. I think we brought the English weather back with us.....

And just to make you all feel better about your own "not square" homes - check out "The Crooked House of Windsor". The pic doesn't do justice for just how crooked this house was!

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