Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Soffit Solution

Well I was able to find a crown moulding made from a composite PVC that closely resembled the design and size of the original. I was also able to find some tongue/groove bead board also from the same material to reconstruct the soffit. Yes it's not authentic, but this a trouble spot for moisture that I care not to revisit. And unless you get up close and feel it, it looks like the real thing - especially from the ground! I also used a small trim piece to hide the edges of the soffit where it meets the crown and the shingles.

The demo work finished

I installed a 2x3 along the wall and between the rafter tails to have as a nailer for the soffit. I wish the crown was a little less wavy, but the original was too that I removed so that's how it originally was... and there ain't much I can do about it at this point without tearing into the roof. And once again - it look great from the ground!

Crown fascia added and soffit started

Check out the corner too - first one is finished. Not too bad for my first try. I'll have four more to do (yep - there's an extra one). Next is to strip and clean up the window trim. I don't think these windows will be getting replaced till next year. Except for maybe the kitchen one if I can get the upstairs kitchen demoed before winter and return the window to original size. Then it'll be caulking and second coat everything before moving on to the next side of the house.


Omar said...

That's looking really good - the soffit looks like it'd be a pain to get up (nailing upside down & all). Is it heavier than wood? If you don't have to go back up there for maintenance any tim soon it'll be worth it though..

mike & rachel said...

It's about the same weight.