Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Jump Juke Jive'n

After two years of being in parts and pieces, I was finally able to get one of my favorite toys back together. It's a 1939 RockOla Light-Up Luxury Deluxe jukebox - and it still plays original 78's. This was one of my early EBAY finds about 10 years ago and I drove from PA all the way to Minnesota to get it. What an adventure that was! It's former life was in a night club somewhere in the middle of MN. So here it is all back together and proudly lit in it's new home in the foyer.

1939 RockOla

Someday..... when the house is done.....heh heh....... I will get to these two. The first is a sister to the restored RockOla - but it's a 1940 model needing full restoration. I'm still looking for a few parts for it. The other is about 80% done needing mostly some mechanical work and some cleaning from being moved and stored for the past few years. It's a 1936 Wurlitzer - made just before the "plastic" era started, this guy is all wood with just some colored lighting instead.

1940 RockOla

1936 Wurlitzer

A little Glenn Miller or Sinatra anyone?


Green Fairy said...

Ohmigosh, that's beautiful! I collect old radios and phonographs, and I have been dying for one of these in my collection! You're lucky to have one.

The Box House

Jennifer said...

VERY cool! I love it.

Sandy said...

I have some 78s. Too bad you are in PA and I'm in MI. I would give them to you. It would be nice for someone to have them that would enjoy them.