Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Floor Sanders Finally Cometh

Finally - the floors are getting done. I thought this day would never come.... and of course when it did, it would be the coldest days we've had this season. Hell - throw up all the windows, the oil only cost me $3.50/gallon. But at this point I didn't care, I just want them done.

I was a little hesitant to finally pass on my first project to an outsider, but after watching the two of them drag that beast of a sander in the house... and then seeing about 5 minutes of them man-handling it - I was sold - they can have that job. After an hour or so into it they remarked that this was one of the worst floors they encountered in awhile! When the floor guys who do this everyday can say that, I 'm definitely glad I didn't tackle it myself. So they had to start with 20 grit paper to strip all the grime and faux paint finish that was on. Followed by 36. Then they had to counter sink all the nails that were put into the floor - no, of course whoever put them there didn't use finish nails. So this just added to the problems with the floors. In the end it took them a day and a half to sand the three rooms, which was longer than they anticipated. But in the end they did a hell of a job and brought them back as good as I could have hoped. Now just three coats of poly.

These picks are after the rough sanding was finished and spot filler done. The next morning was the finish sanding.

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Omar said...

Looks great! I've been watching your progress for a while.. impressive work you're doing. When we bought our house, the floors had already been sanded but strangley were never finished. We lived with bare wood floors for a few weeks before finally plunking down the change to finish them off. I never considered doing something like that myself, but I can imagine it's a pain..