Monday, August 1, 2011

Hall House Ruler

So here's the ruler that Russ sent me from Norris's steel business... Thanks Russ!!

I picked up this great item on EBAY last week. I doubt there's another left in existence. It's a framed print of Seller's Ave. There's some great old houses along this section even today. The calander on the bottom is from 1908 and all the months are still there. Up in the corner is printed compliments of your grocer - Charles Deakyne. The grocer building still exists and the painted advertisement on the side of the building was restored several years ago. I'll have to take a picture of it and post it. So this item is now in my foyer and part of my Ridley Park history collection.

And of course I'm in the height of growing season and I'm knee deep in tomatos now! Already made 8 jars of salsa and looks like another dozen jars from the looks of this week's pick. Also canned 6 jars of green beans, 11 carrots, and lost count of how many garlic dill pickles.

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