Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Great Radiator Plan

So, Jessica asks me to come up with an idea to power wash some upstairs radiators recently at her project house. Two of the smaller ones were carried down and done outside, but the other two were 4 foot long hernia makers... so finding some other suckers besides me to help carry them out was not happening!

So I said... well power wash them inside the house upstairs!... Yes, I'm serious!

Ok, so plan A in my head involved a kiddy pool, a makeshift tent and a pump to keep the pool from filling. Well again, who's gonna lift them in the pool??

Plan B... well the upstairs bathroom is gutted, but the tub is still there, so hang a hoist from a joist like I did in my house. To bad though the ceiling and angled wall are already drywalled. Scratch that.

Plan B - part 2 - Build a double 2x6 across the bathroom over the tub supported by 2x4 studs fastened to existing wall studs. Next hang the come-a-long from that. Then hang plastic around the tub and ceiling to contain the water. Simple string strung across served to hang the shower curtains. Then I added some wood to my dolly to cradle the radiators and roll them to the bathroom.

What can I say... it worked great! So good that we even unhooked the smaller rads that were already refinished and gave them a good cleaning. They were coated in drywall dust. Amazing how much crud came out from between the tubes and I may have to use this idea to clean mine upstairs when I'm ready to refinish them.

So next step was back on the dolly and into the "painting room". Two coats of antique brass later and they are good as new.

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Omar said...

Nice solution! That's a beautiful radiator -- I wish my house had them..