Monday, February 14, 2011

Auction Finds

I've been hitting the auctions again after a few years lapse and I did pretty good at the last one. First is a mission oak chair that I've been looking for to use in the living room. It's all original and very clean. The original upholstery needs replacing which I'll have done in leather along with the oak rocker I already have. At $60 it was much cheaper than the candidates I've been finding on EBAY or at some antique dealers.

Next is a real nice working Victrola VV-50. It works great and just needed a little cleaning. This was the first portable model Victor made starting in 1921. The serial number dates this to 1923. There are spring clips inside to hold the arm and the crank from moving around. It locks close and includes a handle for easy carrying.... perfect for the beach or picnic! I'm sure this was quite a novelty back in the early 1920s! At $50 this was a no brainer bid for me.

Finally I picked up a Federal Orthosonic radio from 1925. These were a high end set in it's day and well built. It would have been powered by several batteries of different voltages. All the tubes are present which is a plus. This one required a bit of cleanup and I repainted the front panel. This was a decent buy at $90 and should do well on EBAY.


after cleanup

I picked up a nice Remmington shot gun ammo box for a friend of mine too. He was thrilled I was able to get him a $70 box for only $20... the nice thing about these new fangled picture taking phones!


Omar said...

Wow, that's some sweet loot. The price you paid for them probably makes it even sweeter. Why can't I ever find cool antiques for cheap?

Tillmechanic said...

That wireless is beautiful, why can't I find them at a 'sensible' (cheap) price.