Monday, November 8, 2010

Hooks, Racks, and More Hooks

By special request I'm posting about my quest for organization in the new kitchen...

Pots and pans are always a PIA to store, so I spent some time looking for options that didn't cost as much as the pots and pans themselves! My solution?? A simple lid rack for around $10 on the door (though I did have to make a slight modification) and some hooks threaded into the butcher block to hang the pans and smaller pots. Oh, and after 10 years I finally sprung for a nice stainless cookware set!

Next was an idea actually borrowed from the salvaged stepback cupboard. Hooks with spring locks to hang mugs...making use of the empty space about the plates, bowls, etc. There was an old set of these installed in the cupboard, but they were heavily painted over so I removed them. I managed to find some new ones online and installed for my fiesta mugs and china set. These are a great space saver!

The wine rack is finished and newly stocked. It worked out really well and stores more than I expected (about 30 bottles).... now which bottle to christen the new kitchen with???

Today my latest EBAY find arrived... a chrome canister set from the 40s/50s. It's a neat set with deco style font for coffee, sugar, tea, and flour. They go nice with the stove and other retro items in the kitchen, plus I got a good deal on the set!

Tomorrow I get the new fridge. I was able to get the one I really wanted, but managed to get a display model that was 1/3 less in price because of a 1 inch scratch. I think I can live with it!! It was shipped from Ohio and is waiting for me at the shipping companies philly hub. I also picked up a neat old Scot Towel paper towel holder that should arrive any day. It will need sandblasting and new paint before I get to install it.... stay tuned, the end of this project is in site!

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