Monday, September 27, 2010

Time to Git R Done!

The kitchen has taken long enough... it's definitely time to Git-R-Done!! Plus the cold weather is coming and I still have 3 radiators in there that are not hooked up so I can't fill the system right now.

Today I sanded the last of the walls. A few touch ups and they will be ready for primer. Then I'll be down to just the ceiling. Did I mention how I feel about sanding drywall?!

Next the cabinet is sanded, painted, and installed. Since I didn't install a back on it, I painted the wall first where it will hang. This would be much easier than having to tape out the entire cabinet later when I paint the walls.

I calculated the flooring and will order that maybe tomorrow. I will be going with Armstrong linoleum - willow green and soft white in a diagonal checker pattern. I'm really close to pulling the trigger on a restored O'Keefe & Merritt stove. I just have a feeling I'll regret not going old school... especially after a new one only lasts 10 years before it's junk! A restored O & M should last me a lifetime. But... my Pontiac is not too happy these days, looking like a head or intake gasket job among other issues, so I might be in the market for a replacement car. That'll be my 2nd car purchase this year, so I'm a bit hesitant to splurge on the stove. But I do have the truck so I could get the stove now and wait till spring to car shop. A new fridge will definitely have to wait. Decision... decisions

Finally the preservation award plaque is mounted under my century house plaque. I ordered a nice new mailbox to go underneath...


Ragnar said...

Wait... what happened to your Magic Chef? I thought you wanted to use that one.

Oh, and congratulations on your renovation so far!
I guess the best thing I can say as a fellow blogger: this is one blog I never had to fight the impulse of just closing the tab with because I just couldn't stand some of the work being done! (Found it going through the member list oldest first).

Mike said...

That was electric and I really wanted gas instead. Plus it's a restored stove. Thanks!