Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Laboring

A little kitchen progress is better than none at all... I finally finished the basement door, that's two doors down.

The next one is the butler stairs door which has plenty of issues. Between 100 years of use and being nailed shut when the house was divided into apartments, it's pretty well beat up. I stripped it last year and fixed the split where it was nailed to the jamb and filled a bunch of holes. The jamb has a bunch of issues, mostly where the hinges are mortissed. Not sure how, but the mortisses are much wider than the original hinges... yet the door was never changed and it's mortisses were never modified?! So I reinforced with some new wood, then filled everything in with filler. Next I traced out the correct location for the hinges, carved out a new mortiss, installed the hinges, then did a final coat of fill along the edges. Looks like most of the damage is gone.

On the door, a good chunk was missing around the knob hole... much more than the escutcheon will cover. To fix this I glued up all the loose and damaged wood, installed the lock mechanism, then applied a heavy coat of filler and sand smooth.

The shed caulking is done and looking like a nice day to get it all primed up.

Happy Labor Day!

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