Thursday, December 18, 2008

Painting Nightmare

It all started out pretty well.....

Once I got the initiative to work on the walls, they went pretty quick and the sanding job came out pretty good for not having done any drywall work in over a year plus. I then caulked the ceiling panels into the crown and the crown into the wall, plus the wainscoting trim. Then it was a good coat of primer on everything. The ceiling was done with Valspar ceiling white.

From there though it was downhill quick. I had already picked out colors for the kitchen, bath, and trim work. After work I stopped by Lowes to pick up the paint, but forgot the trim color. So I quick picked out what I thought was an antique white, got the paint made up and was all ready to go. It was Thursday morning when I got to do the first coat. Wednesday I had to put a new engine in the splitter because it threw a rod - but that's another story! Anywho so I put the first coat on the wainscoting and quickly realized that color was really a tan more than a white - oops. After I finished it grew on me some though and actually would go really good with the kitchen green, but the blue I wasn't so sure. So then came the blue. As soon as I started putting it on I knew it was a bust. More of a Miami beach pool blue than something that belonged in an old house. The "Fiesta" in the name should have given it away.

Friday night I wanted to stop by Lowes and get some new colors so I could start Saturday morning. Well I ended up staying a few hours late so skipped Lowes. When I got home there was still time before we had to go to the Neil Young concert (he can still ROCK!) so I stopped at the Depot around the corner and picked out some new colors. I figured I've had pretty good luck with Behr in the past so what the heck.

Then came Saturday.... I start the wainscoting and quickly notice either Behr got worse or working with Valspar all summer put Behr in a new perspective. It was thinner and much worse with runs. When I would go back to touch up a run it would pull the drying paint pretty bad. I got through that and figured I'd clean up with the second coat. It continued to get worse. Then I go to roll out the blue. Cutting in, I liked the color and seemed OK at first - but then going back to drying sections was the same pulling problem. Just didn't seem like it was biting to the wall. Finally rolling it out, the roller would pull where I cut. After two walls I got really frustrated with the paint, worse than anything I'd ever worked with...... then the runs started. I tried to touch up with the roller and again the paint would want to pull off. All right - I'll let things dry before I go on any further. Fifteen minutes later I come back and the damn paint is literally running down the walls! In a panic I go to wipe a run off the wall before it sets, but it already had skinned over and that just made things worse. A bunch of 4 letter words later I walked away to let thing dry over night with a space heater in the room and stopped by Lowes on the way to work and get my third set of colors, and some high build primer - swearing off Behr paint the whole time.

Sunday morning it took over 3 hours using an orbital sander to clean up two half walls in a 5x8 bathroom. It was a real mess. It was never going to come back to the condition I had it with the first primer coat after freshly sanded walls. The corners I used a little caulk to clean the runs up and along the wainscoting joint. The wainscoting would have to wait, one mess at a time. After the high build prime was on things looked a little better. I got the blue on and finally felt a little better.

The wainscoting had some issues with runs in the joints which I'll never get out, just too time consuming. I sanded the flats some and put the new trim color on. Finally things looked good and the scheme was what we had in mind for the room. I installed the vintage porcelain sconce and new gfi and switches. Then another test fit of the high tank and marked where the medicine cabinet I'm restoring will go. Also mounted a vintage TP holder I picked up.

So today with the painting pretty much finished I did a final sanding of the floors and applied some "golden oak" stain which really brought out the oak floors. A couple coats of poly on the floor and I can finally start moving fixtures back in for good. Things are finally heading in the right direction again......


Jason and Heather said...

Looks great! I really like that color for a bathroom. What color is it?

I hate Behr paints! I had the exact same problems with it and will never use it again. Valspar is a much better paint, plus they have the Historic Preservation colors.

Stephanie said...

Looks so pretty!

I despise Behr paint. It's thin and runny and has horrible coverage - I have never had a single good experience with it.


Jennifer said...

Love the color! Too bad you had problems with the paint. I've never had problems with Behr... but I haven't used anything else!

mike & rachel said...

It's called " Betsy Ross House Blue" by Valspar - one of their historic line colors.