Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Shingle Math

So figure it takes me about:

1 minute per shingle to primer + 1 coat of paint = 2 minutes per shingle


about 1000 shingles per house side x 4 sides = about 4000 shingles


another 1000 for the front dormer


10000 minutes of painting time required for entire house (or 167 hours!)

.... and that doesn't include sorting/resizing, installation, or the second coat of paint required once hung.

No wonder the neighbors think I'm nuts! But they do appreciate the asthetic improvement.


NatalieDeltaGam said...

as always, i am amazed! good job!

Ranty said...

Holy buckets!

That is seriously awesome and inspiring.

Jenni said...

Wow...I am tired just thinking about it.

Larry said...

Great job!!

One question though....why do you need to prime and paint before installing? Is this something I need to do with our fish scale?

mike & rachel said...

Covering both sides allows the shake to be fully sealed from moisture penetration - which in turn should make the paint job last much longer... moisture tends to get into any bare wood (even if unseen) and blisters paint off from the inside out.

Another reason is if you never painted new shakes - getting paint between all the shakes is a PIA. Also when they move with temperature change, what was once fully covered, will eventually show unpainted lines in between all your shakes.... tried to shortcut the dining room window wall just doing prime before hanging and now I have white primer lines that need to be touched up with a tiny brush between all the shakes.

Most of my prep reading for doing new shake work says to paint before hanging and it makes sense - so I would highly recommend doing it first. There are no short-cuts in shake work!