Saturday, May 24, 2008

$4.07 A Gallon!

That's what i paid last week to top off my oil tank for the heater - and that was at a discount price I get with the Energy Coop I joined in southeast Pa. I figured it will only be worse this fall.

So here's my solution to the escalating oil prices...

When I'm not working on shakes, I'm rounding up and splitting wood. I figure I have about 2 cords at this point. Looks like the chimney and stove are gonna pay for themselves pretty quick the way things are going. My goal is to use only one tank of oil this year - we'll see how it goes.

Mr. Cheney and company ain't gonna get rich at my expense!!

You can also see I managed some time to get the garden in. Hopefully someday when I can landscape I'll get something more elaborate going, but I got the basics in there.

Also note I still need to paint Rach's door and fender! I keep getting reminded every week. I replaced the fender and door skin last year after she had an ice mishap, but..... another item on a longgggg longggg list.

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