Friday, April 11, 2008

Home-Stretch On The Window Seat

All three pieces were final fitted and installed for good. I had to use a belt sander to true up the butt joints which got them close enough - but not perfect. Looking at the original sill though, those joints are just as noticeable so I won't sweat it. To reinforce these joints I added biscuits which should keep them stable and one piece getting higher than another. I applied a coat of stain and now just need to make the trim that will run along where the seat meets the wall. Then it will be final poly and finish up staining the windows. That's as far as I can take things till I get the knives made to make casing molding..... actually I sent a sample in to have them made today.


Omar said...

Looks great! I envy those kind of features (bay windows, built-in benches, etc)..

Sandy said...

Looks so nice. Love the kitty sitting in the window!