Sunday, April 6, 2008

Almost A Seat

Well I've managed to make 2 of the 3 sections for dining room window seat. Of course my plan to make them had to be slightly modified. I originally planned on using the templates I made as a guide and using a router with a straight cutting bit and a roller bearing to cut out the oak pieces - but this did not seem to work so well. The bit seemed to chew and splinter the wood and cut behind the template in a place or two. Maybe this procedure would have worked better with a softer wood or if I had rough cut the piece out and us the router as a cleanup. Anyway I went with the old trusty sabre saw and slowly cut by hand. Then did some cleanup with the sander. So far not too bad - I only will need to square the joints better once all three pieces are made and fitted into place. I used a circ saw on the sides that butt for a straighter line, but the angle must have been not quite 90 degrees.

Once cut out and sanded, the joined boards did come out almost seamless. I was able to match grains up pretty well, and this time unlike the foyer staircase bench seat - I alternated the cups of the grain and this gave me a very flat board which should not cup at all.