Friday, November 2, 2007

Buffin Brass

Not much progress lately while working 10hr days 7 days a week. Next day off will be Thanksgiving then back to normal again. I've been working on the dining room chandelier each evening and it's just about ready to be assembled. I got smart and borrowed my dad's buffing stand which he uses for restoring stainless trim on old cars. I found brass compound which is a bit softer than stainless and it worked really well - and much much faster than by hand.

Also got an estimate for having the floors sanded and finished downstairs. The estimate was too good to pass up, especially with my limited time this fall, so they will be getting done the week after Thanksgiving. This will be the first project farmed out to a contractor in the two years working on the Hall house. The floors need some serious sanding and I figure the most visible rooms in the house is not the place to learn how to use a drum sander!

The chimney is getting real close to poking through the roof, just waiting for some days off to finish.

18 inches to go...

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