Monday, September 17, 2007

Outside Wrap-up

Well the outside work is coming to a close for the season and I'm happy to say that the first story is about 95% done. I finished up the painting on the back section of house/deck, built flower boxes from scrap cedar, and a bunch other misc. odds and ends that were being put off. The bilco door I ended up using the tinner's red paint from the metal roof... if it's good enough for a roof it will certainly hold up on a cellar door. Plus it just looked good with the green. Only project left is finish up some work on the rear porch steps. The front steps will probably wait till next year since I have to bust up the old ones. Another detail for next year be doing shakes under the porch where the 2nd floor cantilevers a few'll see.

I even went and did a little landscaping around the deck so I could get some plants in the ground I had rooted.

Here some nice before and after pics of the back to see the progress....

and some closeups....

restored fixture

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