Sunday, September 16, 2007

And Now For Something Completely Different

I needed a change of pace from wrapping up the outside work for the season, so I took a day and did the tile job on the foyer fireplace. I managed to get a good deal on 150 salvaged 1x4 tiles that originally I was going to use on the parlor fireplace I'm building... but after several opinions, it was decided to use them in the foyer since they were a good match for the original hearth tiles still in place.

Since this will not be operational, instead of skimming a coat of cement over the rough brick surface, I fixed a sheet of 3/4 plywood with liquid nails and tapcon screws. This was a nice easy fix and gave me a flat level surface to mount the tiles. The also brought everything out more which covered some damage to the hearth tiles where they attached a tack strip for carpeting.

The tiles ended up going a bit further than I thought and even ended up with a few extras. Now all I need to do is grout and do some final trim work to fill the interior sides of the mantel.

The first story work on the exterior is wrapping up and I should have some final pics soon. I hope to get the wood stove project and floor sanding done on the first floor before the weather gets cold....

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