Sunday, December 18, 2011

Roof Raising

It's been a busy few weeks... too busy to even post, but I'll try and get ya blogged up to date.

After the ridge beams were set I installed the top section of rafters. That was easy enough. These are all 2x6s on 24 inch centers.

The "new" framing nailer made quick work of getting all the rafters in. I picked up a used one on ebay and wish I 5 years ago when I started restoring the Hall House!

Next step, install the lower rafters. I carried these down to the sill without any rafter tails extending past the wall on the eave. There will be a pitch change later that will form the eaves.

To form the front and back eaves, I notched the 2x10s passing through the gable walls. The eaves are built with 2x4s which will later be finished with 1x6s. I will also be enclosing the eaves with beadboard at a later date.

The eaves take shape and the 3/4 plywood sheathing is installed on the upper sections.

One more addition for the loft, the side sections are added. These will help support any long items stored, plus hold side lighting underneath, and finally to attach tracks for the garage door.

The final stage of framing involved the side eaves. I wanted to do "bracketed eaves" which is when on a gambrel style roof, the eaves change pitch near the bottom. Usually they aren't very wide, but because my pitch was shallow to begin with, they ended up being wider than usual. The jury is still out if I like them or not, but they are there now! The other eason I went with this design was if I extended the rafter tails down and then enclosed... the beadboard enclosing the eaves would be against the stone... making for an ugly cut trying to get the bead board tight against the stone. This design will have it installed against the sill. The bracketed eaves  are made from 2x4s sistered to the main rafters.

The eaves are complete and ready for sheathing.

And finally.... roll out the tar paper!


Omar said...

Wow. Seriously though, where'd you learn how to do this sort of work?

Mike said...

Thanks... You probably won't believe me but this is my first roof!! I did do the little shingle job on the back addition a few years back, but nothing like this.