Monday, April 25, 2011

And I Thought There Was Nothing Left To Find?!

Well I was NOT expecting to find anything today when I was removing the panelling in the closet of the recently retired upstairs kitchen.... but look what I uncovered?!

What is it you ask?? Well it's the ORIGINAL fuse box for the house. I've only come across one other in my electrician days. Back then the box was built on site with material laying around. The inside was then lined with asbestos and porcelain fuse holders installed inside. This one is actually made of chestnut.

The porcelain fuse blocks are gone, but there's still some wires in there and looks like the wonderful gang that tore this place up in the 70's decided to splice into this box and then cover it over with wall panelling!?!

It also looks like the electrician who built the box signed it.

I'm not sure what's scarier about this find.... the asbestos lining... or that there's still some live wires in there!! And the adventure continues....

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LeighC said...

The husband said (and I quote): "And I thought ours was bad".