Friday, March 25, 2011

New Garden Beds

It's that time again and the veggies are already started and under the growing lights. Meanwhile I opted not to fence in the back yard and instead added two more raised beds along the property line for vine crops. The beds are cedar, 8 ft long x 18 inches wide.

The yard slopes down along the property line so I only did one board on the back and two on the front. I dug holes for the posts, dropped into place, leveled and then filled in with a mix of topsoil I had delivered and some of my home brew compost. I also came up with a removeable trellis system. First was installing 1 1/2 inch pvc pipe for the trellis to insert into. These are mounted with conduit clamps.

For the trellis system I built a frame using 1 inch pvc sch 40 pipe. It's 5 feet high plus a foot for the mounting legs. Then I used coated drywall screws around the perimeter so I can install a grid using twine for the plants to climb on.

Next is regrading. The first crop for the new beds is snap peas. Meanwhile the old beds are cleaned up with a fresh layer of compost. Planted so far is spinach, two types of lettuce, and carrots.

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