Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pickin Up The Pace

Well for reasons I wish were different, work is progressing pretty quick again. Looks like a work strike is unavoidable. Even worse we've been sold to boot and the new company already cut half of management.

Scaffold work is finished and the outside is done except for the dormers on the 3rd floor. So it's back inside to make the final push in getting the kitchen done.

I'm working on getting all the woodwork finished and primed, then it will be some finish work on the walls and finally get everything painted and floor. I'm going to do the back and basement stairs while I'm at it.

Once I can get this done I can gut the upstairs kitchen and hit the front pair of bedrooms. All this work has to be completed before the end of summer so I can pass appraisal for a refi of the mortgage. I did start some small demo in the bedrooms while waiting for stuff to dry so I don't get swamped with trash all at once. I started with the drop ceilings. I'll do the panelling next.

Motivated or not it has to get done! Best case scenario I'll have most of the interior done by the end of the year and the finish line will be in sight. Worst case, there might be a sign out front and someone else will have to finsih this blog. What a crazy year. I almost look forward to gutting the bedrooms. I could really use some sledge hammer therapy!!

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