Saturday, May 15, 2010

Making Screens

With the nice weather here it was time to do one more left over project for the 3rd floor... make screens for the windows. Being able to open all the windows up there is crucial to keeping the temperature tolerable, plus keep nature out, and the cats in!

I already made 2 last year so I have 3 to go. I bought materials from qualitywindowscreen and was quite happy with what they sent me. I ordered framing, corner pieces, screen material, spline material and tool for installing, plus a pin assembly which will lock the screen into the window jam.

First thing is measuring the opening and then cutting the frame pieces to size. The best way to cut them and get a good miter cut is using a plywood blade on a chop saw, but mounting the blade with the teeth in reverse. This actually gives a nice cut in aluminum. Then using the corner pieces, assemble the frame for a trial fit.

Once this is happy, diassemble and drill the holes for the locking pins. This is done with a special step bit that they suppplied. With the holes drilled, the pin and spring are inserted in the frame and then the plastic grabber piece snaps on the top of the pin. Now you have a spring loaded pin that will lock into a hole drilled in the window jamb and hold the screen in place once installed.

Next reassemble the frame, cut the screen material for the frame and using the spline tool run the spline into the channel along the frame. This actually stretches the screen material as you work your way around so it's not critical to pull on the screen as you go... just keep the material from wrinkling as you work and it will end up nice and tight.

And that's it! Install and move on to the next project!


LeighC said...

That is pretty clever. The corner pieces go inside the framing?

Mike said...

Yep, the corner supports slide into the frame pieces. They basically hold the frame together.