Friday, July 10, 2009

A 100 Year Old Panaramic.... Almost

My neighbor sent me a copy of some great pics the other day. Then tonight an idea came to me.... and a little tweaking in photoshop later I came up with this little gem.

A few more feet and we would have a great wide angle shot of my street almost 100 years ago. Very cool!

Here's another pic he gave me of his neat house (built 1887). You can see the side of it on the far right in the street shot. The two houses to the right of me in the street pic were built in 1897 and are identical to each other. The two to the left of me (not pictured) were built in 1893.... so at 1906 I'm the new house on the block.

There are two other pics I've seen of this section of my street, but I've yet to get copies of them.

He also returned a lost piece of the Hall house. I'll reveal that later.

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Omar said...

Wow great pics! I love your street..