Sunday, May 17, 2009

Back From the Work Abyss

So the three month outage at work is over (I think) and I just came back from my two weeks of training down in Atlanta.... now I can finally get back to the laudry list of projects that await.

Here are a few pics of the current state of the back yard. I bought a nice cedar arbor that went together pretty quick. I had a design in mind to custom build, but the time just ain't there. Maybe next go around. The garden is planted and doing OK. The weather has been a little too wet this spring I think for my spring crop.

Also started building a field stone wall to level out the slope one the side of the property. Here I will fill in and make a brick patio to sit the AC units on. Speaking of which that is my next big project. I have the AC unit and the duct work. Using a sizing program I put together a duct layout that should be sized just right. I should get a jump on that this week since I have vacation - no more HOT summers! Stay tuned....

And yes, more cedar shakes to do....

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1916home said...

Ohhh the garden looks great! Please keep us all informed how it goes. What are you planting? I think the garden needs a post all its own!

The brick work you are doing looks nice. I'd love to do AC but there is just no room for it at our place. Im hoping that if I eventually insulate the attic well, and also the walls, plus with all of our fruit trees we just bought to place on the south side it will all work out and keep the house cooler. Its not too bad now... and it was 95 here in southern california today.